Introduction to using the Milkshake flow model

As explained earlier I try to simplify difficult concepts by using everyday analogies. These simple objects e.g. milkshakes are repeatedly used. This does obviously sometimes result in “poetic scientific licence”. For example the milk shake, will not only be used to simplify Poiseuille’s Law to describe blood flow, but also be used in adapted forms  to explain subjects for which it was not intended e.g. discussion of light flowing into camera, or how the open fontanelle and skull sutures allow the birth of a baby to “flow” more easily. I believe the repeated use of this flow analogy, though taking many liberties, makes it easy for the non expert to understand diverse subjects (Q.E.D.).

In this blog Poiseuille’s law is dramatically simplified (see drawing) to explain how to drink a milkshake quickly.

Very simplified Poiseuille’s Law (click drawing to enlarge)


The concepts discussed here will be next used to discuss factors as diverse as adjusting exposure in your digital camera and the role of open skull sutures in the birth of Australopithecus africanus babies a million years ago!

Please be patient, and at least give me a chance to try & explain these subjects in object oriented analogies in future blogs.

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