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Discusses the influence of pollution and warming on the environment

Ins & Outs of Fluid balance in Desert Animals (Part 1)

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Maintaining their hydration is a major problem for desert animals. Large mammals e.g. Gemsbok & small mammals e.g. rodents use different strategies to cope with arid conditions. We will discuss the special behavioral or physiological adaptations that have evolved in … Continue reading

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Use of art to highlight the threat of global deforestation

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I have on this blog previously questioned whether art may help in the fight against rhino poaching. I was thus intrigued to see that BBC news has just reported that Dr Iain Woodhouse, an environmental scientist at Edinburgh University in Scotland, has used art … Continue reading

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Can art help deter rhino poaching

We went to a wonderful art museum in the Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands. Among the van Gogh’s, Mondrian’s etc I came across the powerful work of an artist I had never previously heard of: Cai Guo-Qiang. He is, however, world-famous for his … Continue reading

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Not too hot and not too cold: Thermal stress & how organisms adapt? (part 4)

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Seasonal migrations in terrestrial & aquatic animals & daily choice by mammals of the right time of day for hunting illustrate how changes in temperature influence animal behavior. Temperature greatly affects all organisms & imposes limits on where they can survive … Continue reading

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