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The main website contains our African wildlife photography portfolios, and tips on photography, travel, and 4×4 driving. This blog will concentrate on two themes: animal biology and wildlife photography. For the beginner or retiree the physiological & biochemical concepts needed to understand animal biology are difficult. Certainly I have trouble getting a handle on the physical concepts underlying light and photography. I would like to share what I have learnt after many hours of getting to grips with these subjects. I  find the animal physiology easier because of a career in newborn medicine. The photography is a new field for me & luckily there are super websites and books on the basics.  I will try & explain these subjects with the help of everyday analogies. I have always been interested in trying to simplify difficult subjects by using simple “objects” that we understand and often use e.g. washbasins and using a straw! I believe this “object-oriented” approach, is an easy and quick way to make difficult ideas your own. The biggest advantage is that these “tools’ can be used to tackle many different problems with the same basic approach. Object oriented programming is the most popular method of creating computer code because the “objects” can reuse their inherited characteristics. For example overheating or dehydration in wild animals will be discussed as an input or output problem i.e. a wash basin model .

The biology section will concentrate on the animals we meet in Africa and the ways they adapt to their environment. But any interesting items that appear in the news over nature past and present e.g. plants, dinosaurs will also be discussed.  There are many sites with experts discussing these themes. My aim is to try to make the fascinating but sometimes complex information a bit easier to understand for those people, like me, who studied in the distant past or spent too much time on  sport fields.

The wildlife photography discussions will concentrate on the problems I have encountered understanding the underlying physics related to light e.g. exposure.

At times other items that interest me e.g. information technology, human health will also be discussed.

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